iMac Data Recovery

When your iMac fails, you’ll likely have two things on your mind — getting it fixed and recovering your data. Luckily, we can help with both! Our experience in data recovery from iMacs dates all the way back to when they were first made. Yes, we still have a few bubble shaped G3 iMacs lying around our workshop. With our knowledge, experience, and tools, you can fully trust that your data is sure to be recovered safely. So, reach out to us as soon as possible so we can get a head start on discussing your disk issues.

Even finding space for a hard drive is complex with modern iMacs. Many newer models come with 2.5-inch hard drives, SSDs, or a combination of the two, called Fusion Drive. Fusion Drive, an Apple software hybrid between a hard disk and an SSD, gives your device SSD speeds along with large hard drive capacities.

Remember to check out our External Hard Disk Recovery Services if you’re having issues with an external hard drive! No matter what hard drive you have, though, we can recover ALL of all important data.

Problems we tackle

No matter the reason your MacBook Pro failed, recovery is not a challenge for us! However, you must be careful about what happens to your Mac after this. We’ve often come upon drives that might have been entirely recoverable. However, they end up completely damaged because of failed recovery (of course, one that’s not done by us!). Know this — you often have only one sole chance to recover data from a failing drive. So, attempting to scan, repair, fix, update failing drive, or reload is a huge NO-NO! It will do nothing else besides worsening the situation.

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