Water Damage – Macbook Liquid Damage Repair

Only 2-5 business days, and your device can be free of liquid damage! Liquid damage repairs are often the most reasonable, at least with us! Our quotes usually begin at £100. They may increase depending upon the amount of damage. That said, it is incredibly rare for charges to cross the £350 threshold. However, you’ll find that Apple often charges upwards of £750 to £1,250 (sometimes even more!) for simple liquid damage repair. Why? Well, because they often replace the device instead of repairing it. Not to mention, if your device is older than 5 years and classed as vintage, they will simply refuse to repair it. The takeaway: We fix what Apple doesn’t!
First thing’s first, we give you a thorough rundown of what’s wrong with your device and what it needs completely free of charge! If it turns out that your device is damaged beyond repair, we’ll inform you and help you find alternative solutions.

Common issues

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At the Mac Shack, WE do all the work!

Several companies outsource the component-level repair of the motherboard as they lack the knowledge to tackle such issues. Since the person you’re talking to is not an employee of the actual company fixing your device, you’re likely to experience delays or unexpected surprises.

However, when you hire us, you deal ONLY with us! So, your motherboard is taken care of in-house.

If you’ve just spilt anything on your device, stop its use immediately! Remember switching on your device will only worsen the problem. After all, water and electricity combined can corrode your motherboard! While we can fix the damage no matter how extensive, it’s best to try and minimize it as much as possible.

What we can fix in devices with spillage damage

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